Nylon tube

  • Nylon tube for machine tool tubing
Nylon tube for machine tool tubing

Nylon tube for machine tool tubing

  • Colour: Customized
  • Size:24mm
  • Certificate:Rhos
  • OEM:Accept
  • Product description: Nylon tube for machine tool tubing
Nylon tube (also know as polyamide tubing) has excellent mechanical properties and is abrasion resistant. It is a very tough material that resists temperature extremes and has great low friction properties.Nylon tube is resistant to solvents, alkalies, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungus and molds.

Product Features:
Abrasion Resistance
Extreme Temperature Resistance
Excellent High-Pressure Resistance
Great Impact Strength

Hongye Plastics works hard to live up to its proud reputation of being a reliable source for the production of Nylon tube. The technicians at Hongye Plastics are highly trained to produce quality, Nylon tube products.Hongye Plastics' production facility, located in JiaDing, SHANGHAI, is state-of-the-art. It includes some of the finest equipment available for the extrusion of high quality, Nylon tube. Our production facilities are capable of extruding Nylon tube with in the following parameters:

Nylon Tube Parameters:

Diameters from 0.7mm to 70mm
Wall thickness from 0.1mm to heavy wall.

Nylon Tube Applications:

Air Conditioning
Chemical Transfer
Compressed Air
Coolant Lines
Dispensing Equipment
Fuel & Oil
Grease Lines
Hydraulic Lines
Laboratory Uses
Paint Supply
Nylon tubes usually have good resistance to dilute minerals and organic acids. These are just references for nylon tubes, but in-plant testing is recommended.



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