Plastic strip

  • Plastic strip for furniture
  • Plastic strip for furniture
  • Plastic strip for furniture
  • Plastic strip for furniture
Plastic strip for furniturePlastic strip for furniturePlastic strip for furniturePlastic strip for furniture

Plastic strip for furniture

  • Colour: Customized
  • Size:8mm
  • Feature:non-toxic
  • OEM:Accept
  • Product description: Plastic strip for furniture
Polyethylene Plastic strip is a lightweight non-toxic, tough, impact and wear resistant thermoplastic compound useful for a multitude of items. It is easy to clean and disinfect and can be FDA approved for the storage and transport of food and water. It makes a good insulator due to its low moisture permeability and is used for protective coverings and moisture barriers. Polyethylene is very suitable for recycling and can be extruded in a variety of colors and sizes.

Hongye Plastics works hard to live up to its proud reputation of being a reliable source for the production of Polyethylene Plastic strip. The technicians at Hongye Plastics are highly trained to produce quality, Polyethylene Plastic strip products.

Hongye Plastics' production facility, located in JiaDing, SHANGHAI, is state-of-the-art. It includes some of the finest equipment available for the extrusion of high quality, Polyethylene Plastic strip. Our production facilities are capable of extruding rigid Polyethylene Plastic strip with in the following parameters:

Polyethylene Plastic strip Parameters:

0.2mm to 3mm, customized sizes can be ordered

2mm to 90mm,customized sizes can be ordered

Solid color, Wood grain Color. We can also develop your customized designs and 



The product is made from PE resin of the highly recognized brands. We have more than one thousand different colors and wood grain designs available to help you achieve different styles and coordinate different colors of your products. We are also capable of matching your required designs and colors according to the samples provided. The product is characterized by high wear resistance, color remaining the same as surface after trimming and polishing, and strong bonding strength.

Polyethylene Plastic strip Applications:

It is used for furniture,office furniture, wooden doors, cabinets etc.



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